CES Preview: What Gadgets Do You Most Want to See? */?> CES Preview: What Gadgets Do You Most Want to See?

Posted by · January 5, 2012 9:04 am

Well, 2012 has arrived; and for the tech world, at least, the new year always ushers in the anticipation of what gadgets will be unveiled during January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  From smartphones to HDTVs to desktops (yes, some people still use those), CES will set the stage for which companies to watch and what electronics we all want to purchase in 2012.

I will be attending CES for the first time this year, doing some reporting from the trade show floor and various press events.  My schedule is fairly packed, starting with Sunday’s official International CES press event, CES Unveiled.  (Ugh. “Official” sounds boring.  I need to find some of the cooler, unofficial stuff that goes on at CES. If you’ve got the inside scoop, send it my way.)

A lot of blogs have already written previews of what we can expect to see revealed at CES (Engadget’s preview is by far the best) and words and acronyms like superphones, ultrabooks and OLED are starting to generate a lot of buzz.  Rumor has it that Microsoft will make a big announcement to cap off their participation in CES festivities and heavy hitters like Intel, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony are all holding invite only events at the trade show.

Personally, I’m most excited about seeing some of the new smartphones, er, I mean superphones–I’m due for an upgrade next month.  Bloggers are prophesying quad-core CPUS, HD displays and 12+ MP cameras on some of these phones, and the Windows Phone (which chapmandew gave high marks to on yesterday’s podcast) is apparently making a comeback this year after garnering only about two percent market share in 2011.

And while I’ve already got a tablet of my own, I’m expecting to have some serious tablet envy by the time I leave Vegas.  A few big companies to be named later are gearing up to show off their wares and Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich is rumored to be their OS of choice.  Tablet enthusiasts should think smaller, cheaper and more powerful when it comes to this year’s line of slates.

Finally, I can’t wait to see this Organic LED (OLED) TV that LG and Samsung will be putting on parade. And why wouldn’t I be? The super-thin, energy efficient, 55-inch display screens are enough to pique anyone’s interest, though probably not enough to make me shell out the pretty penny it would cost to purchase one—whenever they actually start mass producing them, that is.  Additionally, I’ll be sure to let you all know if I see a Roku Streaming Stick sitting around somewhere.

Since I’ll be taking up a lot of blog real estate next week with CES news, I thought I’d ask all of you what gadgets you would most like me to review at CES.  Take the poll below and let me know what type of consumer electronics you’re most interested in or leave a comment below to tell me about a specific gadget you’d like me to review and I’ll do my best (no promises) to check it out!