CES Rumor Report: HP Eyes Tablet Market Again, Best Buy Eyes Bankruptcy?

Posted by · January 9, 2012 12:37 pm

Consumer Electronics Show 2012We’re only half-way into the first official day of CES (well, for the press anyway) and the blogosphere is already buzzing with excitement over new gadgets and gossiping about the  latest rumors circulating around the tradeshow floor.

I spent the morning with a few folks in the know at big-name consumer electronics companies as well as a few of my fellow tech bloggers and got some insider perspectives on what news we could potentially hear from big companies in 2012.  Here’s a rumor wrap-up (names and companies have been omitted to protect the innocent):

  • With Meg Whitman newly minted as HP’s CEO, it seems that anything the company took off the table prior to her coming on board in September of last year is back on the table–including tablets.  According to one source: “There’s no way that HP could be a PC and laptop company without revisiting the tablet market. I think you’ll see more tablets from the company in the near future.”
  • If you ask a few folks at large consumer electronics companies, last week’s article by Larry Downs of Forbes foretelling Best Buy’s impending doom may not have been that far off base.  Though fully admitting that this was conjecture, one executive I spoke with said the company couldn’t be “more than two years from filing bankruptcy.”
  • With Microsoft discontinuing their presence at CES after this year, almost everyone is wondering whether the show will go on.  Sure, Microsoft’s presence alone won’t make or break CES, but more than a few people agreed that at least for big name brands, exhibiting at CES is done out of habit, not necessity.  One source reported that companies like Samsung spend close to $30 million each year on CES alone, yet these companies still hold a number of smaller press events throughout the year.   At least from what I’ve seen so far, that’s $30 million not-so-well-wasted.

Well, that’s all I’ve gotten from the rumor mill so far. I’ll keep my eyes–and ears–peeled to try to bring you a few more nuggets of insider info later this week.  This afternoon I’ll be live blogging from the Samsung and Sony press events and Microsoft keynote.

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  • Bob Hayes

    I hope that Meg Whitman will not only revisit tablets, but bring back Palm OS in cell phones. I’ve had many cell phones over the years including 2 Treos and the Palm Pre. The Pre was the best overall phone that I have ever owned – trouble free and very intuitive. The Samsung Epic 4g that I have had for a year now makes me want to scream almost every day. The Android platform has many characteristics that are just plain stupid. The phone is normally locked, but when I receive a call and reach into my pocket to retrieve it, it is not locked and invariably disconnects the call before I can even see who is calling. A recent upgrade makes a noise every few minutes telling you the battery is charged. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the sound – so the days of charging your battery next to your bed overnight are over, unless you want to wake up at 3 AM to unplug your phone every night. If you know of anyone who can encourage Ms. Whitman to bring back Palm OS cell phones, please have them put a bug in her ear. Thanks!