Death to Internet Anonymity: Google Requires Google+ ID to Comment on Play Store

Posted by · November 27, 2012 12:06 pm

Perhaps it’s all part of Larry Page’s plan to make Google+ the “social spine” of the Internet or maybe it’s because Page and his team were sick of Internet trolls posting vitriolic comments about Android products on the Google Play store.  Whatever the reason, Google is now requiring users to log in with their Google + account in order to review an Android app or any other item in the Google Play store.

From now on, your name and your Google+ profile picture will be attached to every review you type on Google Play.  A similar move worked for Facebook, so it stands to reason that forcing people to identify themselves when posting a comment will also decrease the number of mean-spirited remarks left on Google Play.  People’s level of trollishness seems to be directly proportional to the amount of anonymity given to their trollish comments.

Today’s move by Google does make one wonder, however, if Google’s number one destination for Internet trolls (otherwise known as YouTube) will be the next Google product to force user identification.  Which brings up another set of questions altogether: Is online anonymity becoming a thing of the past? And if so, how will this affect Internet usage?

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  • Lew Cody

    Anonymity should be a thing of the past.
    If it decreases the trolls then I am all for it.
    If it is something you”ll regret saying then maybe that’s a hint to not say it.
    Lew Cody

  • Radek Baranowski

    yeah, nowadays it’s difficult really to set a borderline between your real and virtual life. you buy an app which you install on phone which is always with you. how much anonymous is that, really ? you do business, shopping and socialize in VR. is there any place left for anonymity….?

  • SirEdwardTrollington

    As long as people use the Internet, anonymity will flourish. Take Onionland or I2P for example. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that will never end. No news story here, just fearporn.

  • Bobby Jack

    Lew Cody should apply for a J-O-B at Hum Landt Saykoority. Put a burrito Avitar by his name.

  • Bobby Jack

    You NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH types need to WAKE UP.

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    Calling people “trolls” just because they don’t want to reveal their identity to a world full of crazies, shows just how well the mind control / behaviorial engineering agenda is working.

    Most of the whack-jobs who are calling Anons, trolls, are just parroting a term they read

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