Exclusive Video Shows How An iPad Is Made At Foxconn

Posted by · April 11, 2012 4:23 pm

Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591&quo...Perhaps known best for his role in debunking part of the viral Mike Daisey monologue heard on This American Life, reporter Rob Schmitz, Shanghai Bureau Chief of Marketplace, is back in the headlines. This time, Schmitz was able to gain access to the highly guarded Foxconn factory, which marks only the second time a reporter has been granted access to these factories.

Foxconn is currently facing considerable scrutiny, especially after the Fair Labor Association came back with a labor report riddled with violations, serving to remove all doubt that the Mike Daisey scandal may have inspired.

Schmitz’s video, which is the first in an ongoing series exploring the Apple industrial complex, lets viewers get a look at how an iPad is assembled.

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