Facebook Messenger For Windows Makes Facebook Nearly Ubiquitous */?> Facebook Messenger For Windows Makes Facebook Nearly Ubiquitous

Posted by · December 30, 2011 1:26 pm

Have you ever been sitting in front of your computer and thinking, “Gosh! I wish I could use Facebook Messenger without opening up a web browser?” Oh. Wait. You haven’t? Yeah, me neither, but in an effort to anticipate that one day in the future when we just might be thinking that, the Facebook crew has released their Facebook Messenger IM application for Windows.

The app was actually leaked sometime yesterday and rather than try to dispel the rumors, Facebook decided to release the app to the public today.  While other instant messaging clients like Digsby and Trillian have been supporting Facebook for quite some time now, this is the first dedicated Facebook messaging application.

Currently, the Windows Facebook Messenger app only works on Windows 7 (and possibly on Vista, though I can only find one blog confirming that) and includes a few other features that Facebookers will like.  Those features include the ability to check notifications and accept friend requests as well as stay on top of news by viewing the Facebook news ticker.  However, while you can accept friend requests and check notifications directly from the application, you will be taken to the browser version of Facebook if you click on an item in the news ticker.  (Oh well! I guess we can’t have everything our little hearts desire in this application that we didn’t even know we wanted in the first place.)

With the release of this application (you can download it on the Windows Facebook Messenger page), Facebook further invades your computer and gives you one more reason to waste time at work or at home.  However, I think chat is one area where Google has Facebook beat.  Gchat is much more robust than this app seems to be; though to be fair, Facebook is calling this a “trial” application, so we can be sure that support for video and voice calling will be added soon.

All that being said, I don’t use Facebook chat now, so I doubt I’ll use Windows Facebook Messenger.  For me personally, I prefer to use Facebook exclusively for passive communication and Gchat and Gmail for active, real-time conversations.

What about you? Will you download the Windows Facebook Messenger application?