Friday Four: Amazon TV, a $575,000 Cup of Coffee, and Wall Street Overreacts to Twitter */?> Friday Four: Amazon TV, a $575,000 Cup of Coffee, and Wall Street Overreacts to Twitter

Posted by · April 26, 2013 11:23 am
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Tim Cook, Apple COO. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple CEO Tim Cook is auctioning off a chance to hang with him and have a cup of coffee, and the proceeds will benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The bidding has been open for three days and over the course of 78 bids the price has jumped to a whopping $575,000.The auction has 18 days left- sure to bring the winning bid over at least $1 million.

Who has this kind of money and how can I get them to pay off my student loan? The winner will be allowed to bring a guest (maybe a couple bidders are going splitsies), and the “experience” will last between 30 minutes and an hour. That better be the World’s Best Cup of Coffee. Also, there’s a $9.95 shipping fee (?).

Amazon will release a TV box to facilitate their streaming Internet video service to subscribers. The device is comparable to current streaming video box Roku. But instead of offering hundreds of options for content sources, the Amazon box will offer just their own, we assume. Who is asking for this to exist? Blu-ray players and gaming systems come with this feature built-in, and we’re all trying to decrease the amount of space out home theaters take up. Not to mention, TVs come with VGA ports now so anyone with average A/V skills knows how to use their TV as a monitor for anything you can watch on a computer.

The TV box is actually still a rumor, and Amazon has not made any official statement on their plan to make it. ReadWrite’s comment on the potential new device gets it:

“Television has been dead simple for decades, a fact that makers of many Internet TV products seem to forget.”


What a difference a tweet makes! One tweet this week cost the US stock markets $200 billion of value. The Associated Press twitter account was infiltrated by hax0rz, who tweeted from the account that the White House had been bombed and that President Obama was hurt. In response, stock market robots who are programmed to buy and sell according to algorithms designed to react to news feeds, went on a two-minute selling purge. According to the Wall Street Journal, the market quickly recovered.

And speaking of getting hacked, here’s what a DDoS attack looks like:


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