Friday Four: Facebook Wants Cash, Angry Birds Star Wars, SEALS in Trouble for Video Game, Delinquent Walmart Employees Destroy iPads */?> Friday Four: Facebook Wants Cash, Angry Birds Star Wars, SEALS in Trouble for Video Game, Delinquent Walmart Employees Destroy iPads

Posted by · November 9, 2012 12:47 pm

This week Facebook launched a feature for more “popular” members to be able to pay to promote a status update. It was launched to some “regular” users back in early October to give them a chance to pay a small fee to keep important statuses at the top of their friends’ news feeds. Now the social network wants members with many more users to pay a higher premium to get the attention they need from a given post. A spokesperson for Facebook told VentureBeat that the pricing model is based on reach.

“The price of promoted posts is based on a number of factors, including the reach and the number of people you are promoting to.”

Facebook is going to LET me pay for something that was previously free? How GENEROUS of them. Yet another of Facebook’s pathetic attempts at raising funds since they went public.  It’s simply mind-bottling. The sign-in page STILL says Facebook is “free and always will be.” Oh, “joining” is free. Way to toy with words, Zuck.

A mere two and a half hours following the launch of “Angry Birds Star Wars” in the iOS App Store, the Rovio game became the top selling app. The game features the classic Episode IV characters as the common birds from the popular mobile game. The play mirrors the storyline of the film, with the familiar birds dressed up as Luke, Obi-Wan and others on the good side, and the infamous bad piggies as the villains- sand people, storm troopers, etc.
This is the second movie mash-up from the Angry Birds franchise. “Angry Birds Rio” debuted around the release of the Rio film and was downloaded over 20 million times in the first month.
Angry Birds Star Wars is not even in the top 25 downloaded apps of the Google Play Store, solidifying the theory that iPhones are just toys vs. other smart phones.

Employees at a Walmart in Kentucky have been fired for purposely mishandling iPads, filming themselves doing it, and then posting it to YouTube. The video shows them pitching boxes of the tablets to each other, dropping them on purpose, and advising people not to buy them from Walmart for this very reason. These clever individuals had to know that they would get fired for it, so was this a PSA? Were they sacrificing their precious jobs for the sake of consumer awareness? Or maybe they just got sick of having to clock out every time they use the bathroom and thought of a fun, creative way to quit and get their fifteen minutes of Internet fame all at the same time. Kudos.

Some members of the Osama bin Laden- assassinating Navy SEAL Team Six have been reprimanded for divulging sensitive information while consulting on the development of the video game “Medal of Honor: Warfighter.” The reprimand consists of docking two months’ pay and eliminating chances for future promotions. CBS’s David Martin also notes that participating in the media attention from the assassination, including the video game and several forth-coming movies, “violated the unwritten code that SEALs are silent warriors who shun the spotlight.” Cool story, bro.

If rich housewives can get famous for doing essentially nothing, why can’t our troops benefit from their grueling training, highly skilled tactics, and international-relations-affecting missions? They should make an Angry Birds game about the Navy SEALS, too.