Friday Four: Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie, Shoes That Charge a Phone and Siri Loves Microsoft */?> Friday Four: Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie, Shoes That Charge a Phone and Siri Loves Microsoft

Posted by · May 11, 2012 10:51 am

Traditionally, Friday Fours discuss only the top, well, four stories in tech over the past week.  But so much happened in the technosphere this week that I just couldn’t decide what to write about and thought I’d go ahead and share it all.  Here are the top 10 stories in technology this week.

  1. Zuck it– It’s been a little over a week since Facebook took its IPO show on the road and despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is already worth around $18 billion (he’s 52nd on Forbes 2011 list of the world’s richest people) and stands to make close to $29 billion from Facebook’s upcoming IPO, the quirky founder refuses to upgrade his wardrobe.   Some people are calling it immaturity on Zuckerberg’s part while others are comparing him to the late Steve Jobs (who consistently rocked a black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers).  Seriously, folks? Steve Jobs? You’re giving this kid far too much credit.  Didn’t anyone watch The Social Network? This kid knows he has investors by the nads and is refusing to do or wear anything they might deem appropriate because darn it, they’re still going to buy his stock.  That hoodie doesn’t say immature. That hoodie says “Zuck it.”
  2. Seriously, Scott?– While there are many things you can say about Mark Zuckerberg, the one thing you cannot accuse him of is being a liar (ok, well, maybe the Winklevii could) which is more than you can say for Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson.  Does homeboy really expect us to believe that he just “never looked” at the public bios that were circulating about him? And did he really avoid correcting interviewers who said he had a Computer Science degree because he didn’t want to be rude? Methinks he doth protest too much…or maybe not enough.
  3. Money talks and so does Andrew Mason– One CEO who has been doing a lot of talking is Groupon’s Andrew Mason, who has no regrets about how fast the company has been moving lately and is letting the whole world (read: investors) know it.  Unfortunately for Mason, money also talks and Groupon’s lack thereof is speaking louder than him right now.  Right, Howard Schultz?
  4. Not so angry birds– But worrying about the fate of Groupon is really a waste of time for those of us without a financial stake in the company.  You know what else is a waste of time? Angry Birds.  Yet one billion of you still play it, and I predict you’ll flock (Ha! See what I did there?) to Casey’s Contraptions or Amazing Alex or whatever it is that Rovio does next.
  5. Shoes that charge (your phone)– Chances are you’ll need to keep your phone charged from all the extra usage, so please let your shoes lead the way.
  6. Get up, fatty– Shoes are made for walking and that’s something we should all start doing a bit more of since science just discovered that our alarm clocks are making us fat.
  7. More work for Foxconn– Though, perhaps we could just spend less time in front of the TV. No thanks to Apple.
  8. Score one (more) for GoogleGoogle can’t be happy about the new Apple TV, though they’re probably pretty stoked about winning 763 domain names and being crowned the winner in not one, not two but three Bing versus Google face-offs.
  9. Siri loves Microsoft– Then again, maybe it’s Microsoft who’s getting the last laugh.  After all, Siri picked the Nokia Lumia 900 over the iPhone or an Android phone as the best smartphone.
  10. Spotify gets you a date, TrunkClub gets you…– But getting back to Zuckerberg and his hoodie.  I’m fairly certain he’s still dating his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, but if they break up, the heavily Facebook integrated Spotify could probably help him get a date and Brian Spaly could help him get a new wardrobe… and then some.

Happy Friday, folks! Let us know what your favorite story of the week was in the comments below!