Friday Four: Texting and Driving, Anti-Tech Summer Camp, Affordable 3D Printers, and Maybe a Facebook Phone

Posted by · March 29, 2013 10:42 am

textingA study of several thousand mobile users shows that adults are the biggest culprits of texting and driving, despite the urban myth that the most careless age group is teens. AT&T conducted the study, which resulted in 49% of adults admitting they send text messages while in the driver’s seat, and only 43% of teenagers said they had. But can we accept this study as gospel truth? Adults who use AT&T already show lack of common sense by choosing that carrier. I wonder if a survey across all providers would produce the same percentages. Nevertheless, April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, organized by the National Safety Council encouraging drivers to drive cell free.

Start saving your pennies for the next major appliance to go mainstream by 2016, 3D printers. First of all, 3D printing is MAGIC. Food, clothing, and prosthetics are a tiny sample of the possibilities being churned out by 3D printers. And by 2016 you could have one in your house. As with any technology, the more widely used and available they are, the cheaper they get. Gartner tech research firm says that 3D printers could be available for under $2,000 in three years.

campingDo you ever want to unplug from it all, get away, just relax and get back to nature? Camp Grounded  in Northern California is offering a place to experience “summer camp for adults,” to get off the grid and rejuvenate. Camp Grounded is run by a group called Digital Detox, aimed at Silicon Valley types.

“This is not a conference, a networking event or meet-up opportunity to make contacts that further your career… Instead, we create an atmosphere for personal freedom, creative thinking, liberation from technology, and a space from the working world where we can all once again be… human,” implores their disclaimer.

Subliminally, their mission statement seems to be, “Let’s all go pretend we’re characters in a Wes Anderson movie!!” A long weekend in June is open to hundreds of campers for the price of $305. The tickets are all-inclusive of lodging, food, activities.  Or you can exercise some self-control, turn off your cell phone and go to your local state park for about $20/night.

Facebook is hosting a mysterious event on April 4th, inviting the tech press to “Come see our new home on Android.” Could this be the often-rumored, often-denied-rumored Facebook smartphone? Please no. Please. HTC already released a phone, the Status, that had a Facebook button. How can Zuck even be considering a whole phone or OS that is Facebook-centric when the Facebook mobile app is still super horrible and frustrating to use (source: me)?