Friday Four: Vote with Your Tweets, Your Music, and Your Dollars */?> Friday Four: Vote with Your Tweets, Your Music, and Your Dollars

Posted by · October 12, 2012 12:12 pm

People want what they want, when they want it. Whether they’re voting on an election ballot, with their dollars, or through an app, in 2012 choice is king. Businesses and politicians alike are experiencing the proverbial and digital raised voice of the people, and some are actually listening.

From Twitter. Click to enlarge.

As Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan duked it out last night in Danville, people took to the Twitters to share their favorite quotes, as per usual. Twitter reports in an official recap on their blog that there were 4 million tweets about the two-hour long vice presidential debate. They reported that the most tweeted word of the night was the Vice President’s so-called Irish euphemism for BS, “malarkey.” The expressions that generated the most tweets per minute were Biden’s “Oh, now you’re Jack Kennedy?” (58,275 tweets per minute), and Ryan’s quip about Dems getting “caught with their hand in the cookie jar turning Medicare into a piggy bank for Obamacare” (55,540 tweets per minute). The Obama Campaign took quick action and has already made Twitter ad buys for the words and phrases “malarkey,” “Jack Kennedy,”  “Afghanistan in 2004,” and “#VPDebate.” The Romney Campaign bought the words “gym,” “tan,” and “laundry.” (J/k, Republicans!)

A new app called Secret DJ will enable users to interrupt the music at a venue so they can choose what they want to hear right from their smart phone. Before all of you ambitious amateur DJs go in to panic mode, don’t worry; you won’t be ambushed by random trolls trying to ruin everyone’s night. The app is works more like a jukebox, “A Social Jukebox.” It will only work at venues that have installed the Secret DJ network. You can check out a nearby bar or club’s playlist before you even arrive to help you make your plans for the night. There are Foursquare-esque qualities too. The person who picks the most songs “becomes the DJ”, which offers venues a chance to build a relationship with their regulars. It is currently only available in the UK.

Since the holidays are right around the corner (no, they aren’t), it’s time to size up the retail game and answer the age-old question: buy online or in-store? Best Buy is working to get you to make in-store purchases with a new and surprisingly useful gimmick, price-matching online retailers. According to the Wall Street Journal, only about 40% of people who visit the big blue box store actually walk out with a purchase. TechCrunch comments that it is because we’re all using Best Buy as a “showroom”- we walk in to touch and play with a gadget, then return home to buy it online from Amazon, etc. Best Buy’s earnings fell a staggering 91% this year. The people have spoken with a clear message that Best Buy isn’t keeping up with their needs and the company is responding, finally. My only hope is that if the price-matching works this holiday season, they’ll keep it around all year. Then we can talk.

One thing is clear from this week’s developments: Even if you’re not into politics, your opinion matters more than ever. Vote for good music, vote for good prices, and vote for great TV.  Happy Friday, folks!