From DBAs to Astronauts: Red Gate Wants to Send You To Space

Posted by · November 11, 2011 11:41 am

Wanna go to space? Sure, we all do.  But the tech geek in us REALLY does—and now she can! Well, if she’s a database administrator, that is.  In an odd yet awesome promotion, Red Gate software is putting DBAs to the test (literally) and giving them the chance to win a trip to space.

To enter the contest, visit the DBA in Space website and complete the video quiz, which asks a random assortment of space and SQL Server related questions.  Once you’re done with the quiz, submit it along with your application and see if you’re selected as one of the 15 finalists.

Finalists will be selected on the basis of their scores on the quiz and how they answer the question on the application form: “What would be your first tweet from space to your fellow DBAs?” If you don’t tweet, don’t worry! You don’t actually have to use Twitter, you just need to be able to put together something witty (or uber-nerdy) in 140-characters or less.

If you are selected as one of the 15 finalists, you’ll need to put on your PR hat and start campaigning for votes.  The DBA with the most votes will win a trip to space!

So why does Red Gate care so much about DBAs? Other than the fact that their software—which they are heavily promoting on the contest site—supports SQL Server, .NET and Oracle, the folks at Red Gate think DBAs are the most under-appreciated techies out there:

“We think DBAs, the exceptional individuals who manage the smooth running of our planet’s data supply, have been under-appreciated for too long.  That’s why we’re holding DBA in Space. DBAs deserve better. Better recognition, better software tooling, better prizes.”

As if you can’t tell from my blog posts, I’m not a database administrator myself, but this is by far the coolest contest prize I’ve ever seen; and I’m encouraging all of the DBAs at Experts Exchange to enter.

Entries have to be submitted by November 18th and there are some restrictions on who can enter.  (Sorry ,Tennesseeans, Wyomingites, the Northern Irish and Quebecians.) So stop reading this entry and go take the quiz. NOW!

*Big thanks to Jim Dettman for telling us about this contest.