Fun Facts: Social Media and the 2012 Olympics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by · July 30, 2012 12:23 pm

English: U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball team me...There are few things that bring the world together the way that the Olympic Games do. So when you combine this highly anticipated event with the connective power of social media, what you end up with is one of the liveliest conversations to span the globe. Thanks to two new infographics from Exact Target and Tech Bargains, we have a chance to see what kinds of conclusions this historic discussion has rendered.

From the Exact Target infographic, entitled “Socialympics and the Twitter Games,” we find a number of notable facts, including the following:

  • Based on followers, equestrian sports are the most popular sports in the 2012 Olympics
  • Meanwhile, based on the same criteria, fencing is ranked as the least popular event, falling behind less illustrious  events like mod pentathlon, canoe slalom, and trampoline
  • Despite only holding one gold medal, USA basketball player LeBron James is the most popular Olympic athlete based on followers and likes
  • BBC is expecting 1 terabit per second of traffic during the Olympic Games

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Focusing on the consumption side of this year’s Olympic Games, the infographic from Tech Bargains asks questions about how people will watch the Olympics, what people will buy in order to watch the games, and which specific events viewers will watch. The following results were particularly notable:

  • On an average day (weekday or weekend), viewers will spend between 5.6 and 6.7 hours watching the Olympics
  • Despite the wide array of devices on which we can conveniently view the games from just about anywhere, the good-old-fashioned TV is still the leading device—well, except for the old-fashioned part
  • While the favorite male sport among viewers is swimming, the least favorite events for men are equestrian sports (possible contradiction with the Exact Target results?)
  • Gymnastics is the top female sport among Olympics fans; however, female wresting ranks at the top of the least favorite female event category

How Will We Watch The Olympics?

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Surprised? How well or poorly do they describe your Olympic viewing habits? Share how you do or don’t relate to the results of these interesting infographics in the comments below!

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