Google Chrome Could Pass Internet Explorer in 2012 */?> Google Chrome Could Pass Internet Explorer in 2012

Posted by · January 3, 2012 3:42 pm

Microsoft will be the first to tell you that its Internet Explorer browser is still king. Yet what they’re not so quick to discuss is the fact that its dominance has come under increased threat over the past year.

According to the latest numbers from Net Applications and StatCounter, Internet Explorer’s marketshare is 52 percent and 39 percent respectively. Though these numbers may look good at face value, the truth is that the Microsoft browser was on a downward slope throughout 2011, even with the advent of IE9.

If one were to consult the Net Applications report, Internet Explorer saw a 7 percent drop, falling from 59 percent in February to 52 percent in December. Meanwhile, the StateCounter report shows the Microsoft browser starting 2011 with a mere 46 percent of the market, falling 7 percent to 39 percent of the market.

No matter which report one consults, though, the cause of Internet Explorer’s continued decline is no mystery.

Growing its marketshare by an impressive 84 percent in 2011, Google Chrome now claims 27 percent of the market, says StatCounter. According to Net Applications, Chrome soared a still-admirable 71 percent to claim 19 percent of the market.

All such gains, however, do not come exclusively out of Internet Explorer’s share. Also struggling throughout 2011 was Mozilla Firefox, who lost 5 percent of its marketshare to Chrome. By StatCounter’s numbers, that was enough for Chrome to eclipse Firefox, who now trails the Google browser by a mere 2 percent.

As a result of such volatility in 2011, it is now being suggested that Google Chrome will seize the majority of the market by the end of 2012. That is, unless people begin utilizing the strengths of all three browsers with the newer Avant Browser, whose “tri-core rendering” allows users to choose whether to use the IE, Firefox, or Chrome rendering engine on any given page.