Google ‘Nexus 7’ Tablet Outed on Benchmark Site (GOOG) */?> Google ‘Nexus 7’ Tablet Outed on Benchmark Site (GOOG)

Posted by · May 30, 2012 11:10 am

After finding out in March that Google was likely teaming up with ASUS to build the long-awaited “Nexus tablet,” little more than the occasional rumor has been uttered about the imminent device in recent months. That is, until today. According to the Cult of Mac-like Android blog, Android Police, the Google tablet—referred to as “Nexus 7” in the report—somehow “popped up” on the benchmark site of Rightware’s Power Board.

And here’s what else they were able to obtain from Rightware:

“os”:  {

“android”:  {

“model”:  “Nexus  7”,

“hardware”:  “grouper”,

“manufacturer”:  “asus”,

“device”:  “grouper”,

“brand”:  “google”,

“display”:  “XXXXXX-userdebug  4.1  JRN51B  3XXXXX  dev-keys”,

“version_sdk”:  “4.1”,

“board”:  “grouper”,

“version_code”:  “1”



(NOTE: The portions marked “XXXXXX” denote redactions made by Android Police due to privacy concerns.)

Referring to the above data, the popular Android blog notes, “It doesn’t look like much, but there are some very big implications we can draw from this data.” Observing the device’s code name “grouper,” the blogger David Ruddock suggests this is consistent with Google’s “long tradition” of official hardware after fish. For example, the Nexus One was code-named “Mahi-mahi.”

The model name of “Nexus 7” is also quite telling, suggests the Android blogger. “This seems to confirm the 7-inch form factor, as does the tablet-like resolution”—which will be 768×1280 according to the benchmark.

The final noteworthy piece of information, notes Android Police, is the Nexus tablet’s build number (JRN51B), well, at least the first character of the build number. According to Ruddock, the J stands for Android’s Jelly Bean operating system, which will allegedly be Android 4.1—potentially disproving prior rumors that it would be Android 5.

Despite all of the excitement, though, all of this information “could have been faked,” the blogger reminds us. “Guess we’ll find out next month.”

The ASUS-built Nexus 7 tablet is reportedly set to debut in June bearing an attractive $200 price tag.

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