High-Tech Costume Ideas Made Easy

Posted by · October 30, 2012 11:08 am

Every year, Halloween presents strange, but fascinating, opportunities for one-upmanship. For some it’s a chance to push the limits of a socially acceptable amount of clothing to wear, for others, a chance to push the limits of their own creativity.

Enter JPL engineer Mark Rober, one of the minds behind the Mars Curiosity Rover, who is now also a Halloween costume entrepreneur. He started the company Digital Dudz, which sells costumes that integrate a smartphone app to display animated effects, from teh silly to the grotesque.

from YouTube

Last year, Rober posted a video on YouTube on how to create a high-tech costume that made you appear as if you had a gaping hole in your stomach. The effect is fairly easy to put together, achieved by duct taping two iPad2s inside the front and back of your clothing and using Facetime to project video as if you’re seeing right through. The video got millions of views. Many commented how expensive of a costume it would be. Though his profession could likely allow him to afford the total cost, Rober did note that both iPads were borrowed.

Since then, Rober has come up with a way to achieve a high-tech, digitally integrated costume using a simple t-shirt and something everyone already owns- a smartphone. As the Digital Dudz website implores, just pick one of their many t-shirt designs and use the free app (available on Android and iOS) to put the corresponding animation playing on your phone through “strategic cutouts.” The variety of concepts ranges from PG to R-rated, such as Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, politically relevant options whether you’re Democrat or Republican, or what is sure to be a Halloween classic- the gory beating heart through a chest wound.

It may even be too late to order the specialized t-shirts, but you could still make your own and use the free app for the animation. So, even if you’re not a rocket scientist, you can still have a high-tech/low-cost costume that will impress your friends.

Here are a few more techie related ideas that will be conversation starters at your work Halloween party if nothing else:

-Apple Maps- Draw lines for highways on your clothes, and then wander aimlessly around the office all day, sit at the wrong desk to do your work.

-Zombie Steve Jobs- Black turtleneck, jeans, zombie makeup, wire-rimmed classes. Want to take it to the next level? Carry an Apple device with you at all times, but replace the logo with a decal of a brain with a bite taken out of it.

-Samsung- Steal your coworker’s iPhone.

-Pinterest- Print out 10-20 images of crafts, wedding decorations, recipes, someecards, and weight-loss tips, then safety pin them to your clothing.

-The Cloud- Glue cotton balls on a white t-shirt, then work from home.