iPhone 5- Top 3 Wishlist

Posted by · September 4, 2012 5:14 pm

It’s like Christmas eve on the Internetz right now. Everyone is buzzing with the announcement of the Apple media event taking place on September 12th. The invites, sent out this morning, feature Apple’s signature minimalist design with a simple announcement: “It’s almost here,” followed by the number 12 and a shadow forming the number five.  iphone 5This can only mean the one thing we’ve been waiting two long and difficult years for- the iPhone 5. Hipsters across the nation, ready your tents and lawn chairs for an arduous campout in front of Apple retail stores! Rumors of the announcement have been floating around for some time, but it must be nice for Apple that the event comes right at the end of their victory parade in their patent case against Samsung.

So what can we look forward to in this new iteration of the world’s second-most popular smartphone? Tech news sites and bloggers have had numerous speculations about what we can and can’t expect, from a smaller dock connector to a faster processor. Here’s a look at the top 3 upgrades from our wishlist of what we’d like to see in the new generation of iPhone:

Wireless Charging
Your phone already syncs wirelessly for songs and pictures, why not the battery? There are already accessories available to enable wireless charging with an iPhone, but it requires a special case. With the wireless charging chip inside, all you’d need is a mat. Come home, drop your phone on the counter, and your phone is charging.

When the iPhone 4S was offered in 2011, Apple fans were disappointed about the lack of the 4G radio integration. So many Android phones on the market 4G LTE are capable. iPhones have fallen slightly behind, relegating video chatting apps like Facetime to use only when on a wifi network.  With AT&T’s recent plan to charge for FaceTime calls placed on a cell network, 4G LTE capability would be great news for iPhone users. Plus, Apple would be sure to see record sales from Verizon, the nation’s largest provider of 4G LTE. AT&T has their own LTE service which has been proven to be faster, but it is available in way fewer places.

Apple gossip sites have been heavily debating the possible presence of a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip on the iPhone 5. Think of a cross between Bluetooth and QR codes. Without taking a photo and instead simply touching your phone to an NFC tag, you would be able to gather a little bit of useful info to view on your phone, like a video or a coupon. You can also share info between two devices, such as sending contact info to another user. Lastly, NFC can be used to set up payment apps- just tap your phone to a register and payment is complete.

Some of our wishes are based on our society’s constant push for the ultimate in convenience, and others out of our simple love for the power of technology. No matter what we think or hope for, Apple is sure to amaze on September 12th.