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Posted by · November 16, 2012 12:08 pm

In the criminal justice system, technology based offenses are considered especially technical. The people who talk about and commit these crimes are known as geeks. These are their stories.

The FBI published a story today announcing an early-2000s international conspiracy involving price-fixing of LCD screen products, including computer monitors, TVs and laptops. An agreement was entered into by electronics companies including Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp in 1999, and as a result, these companies sold over $23 billion worth of these products just in the US. A lawsuit against these companies and others is now settled for $1.1 billion. Consumers who were possibly over-charged are able to apply for a portion of the settlement by visiting and submitting minimal information in order to claim $25, $100, or $200. They don’t require any sort of documentation, but you have to submit a claim by December 6, 2012.

If there’s one thing Americans are crazy scared of, it’s the thought of getting locked up in a foreign jail. There are TV shows and movies about it! Too bad for antivirus software mogul John McAfee- he’s at large from the Belizean government, wanted for the murder of his neighbor on the tropical island, Gregory Viant Faull. Faull was found by his housekeeper. Local authorities suspected McAfee because of an ongoing rift between the two men. McAfee is now in hiding, announcing that he would never hand himself in because he suspects there would be no trial to prove his innocence.

“Too many people have died in custody in this country so I intend to do nothing that puts me in their custody,” McAfee told CBSNews in an email.

Thousands of iPad minis, worth ONE MEEEEELLLLION dollars (actually $1.5M) were stolen from JFK airport in New York this week. The thieves loaded two pallets of the devices onto a truck before being questioned by an airline worker late Monday night. Due to the ease at which the robbers were able to enter and exit security checks, officials suspect it was an inside job.
It also just so happens they were lifted in the same manner as the Lufthansa heist in 1978 that inspired the movie Goodfellas.  Life imitating art imitating life, I guess.

A lawyer in California is suing Microsoft for how terrible the Surface tablet is. Well, sort of. The tablet he purchased advertised a total of 32 gigs of storage. However, after several weeks of use, he came to realize there were only 16 gigs of space available. So he did what any self-respecting lawyer would do- he filed a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for false advertising. Sadly, he may not have a case since Microsoft disclaims their storage space claim on their website FAQ:

“How much storage space do I have? The 32 GB version has approximately 16 GB of FREE hard disk space.” [Emphasis added]

The rest of the space is used for apps and whatnot loaded on by Microsoft to benefit the user.That’s the same reason I put an asterisk on the amount every time I write a check or sign a credit card receipt; it says I will pay you $50, but you’re only getting $25, because that’s how much money I spent in gas driving to your store to buy the product.