LinkedIn and Dr. Drew Join Forces to Put Americans Back to Work */?> LinkedIn and Dr. Drew Join Forces to Put Americans Back to Work

Posted by · November 18, 2011 2:46 pm

For children of the 80s, Dr. Drew Pinsky will forever be associated with Adam Carolla (whose name I always want to spell like the car) and the radio show Loveline.  While Dr. Drew is still hosting Loveline (now with a guy named “Psycho” Mike, not Carolla), he’s also putting his talents to, dare I say, better use these days and partnering with big companies around the US and career networking site LinkedIn to help out-of-work Americans find jobs by 2012.

Currently, the initiative, called Putting Americans Back to Work, is primarily targeting people and jobs in Southern California, but there are also a number of work-from-home opportunities listed on the website that are available to jobseekers all over the US.  For LinkedIn’s part, LinkedIn Connection Director Nicole Williams announced today on the LinkedIn blog that LinkedIn representatives will take part in an event in Los Angeles on November 30th during which employers participating in Putting Americans Back to Work will conduct face-to-face interviews with viable candidates and LinkedIn representatives will give free profile makeovers to professionals who snag an interview.

In addition, Williams has been offering career and resume advice to job seekers applying for positions through the Putting Americans Back to Work initiative.  According to Williams, job descriptions, like an online dating profile, often need to be decoded.  For example, Williams says the phrase “lots of growth opportunity” is commonly used by start-up companies and small businesses but can usually be translated to mean that the company wants you to work lots of hours for minimal pay.

In today’s blog post, Williams also gave tips for increasing your chances of being “found” by potential employers on LinkedIn. Here’s a few things she suggests:

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Williams says you are 12 times more likely to be considered for a potential job opportunity if you have more than one job listed in your profile. (Hint: There’s a status bar on the right side of your profile that tells you how much more you need to fill out in order to be at 100 percent.)
  • Upload a photo. Prospective employers are seven times more likely to view your profile if you have a picture of yourself on there.
  • Aim for 50 connections.  Williams says 50 is the magic number on LinkedIn, as having a network with that many people (or more) significantly increases your chances that someone you know is connected to someone else at a place you might want to work.
  • Join groups that relate to your field of interest or expertise.  If you can’t think of a group to join, start with your college alumni group.

You can read Williams’ full blog post for more tips and tricks and can apply for one of the nearly 300 jobs available through Putting Americans Back to Work on Dr. Drew’s website.  Some of the technology-related jobs available include: a user experience designer, user support engineer and a web developer.