LG announces first superphone, ESPN Mobile partnership at CES [Live Blog] */?> LG announces first superphone, ESPN Mobile partnership at CES [Live Blog]

Posted by · January 9, 2012 8:01 am

It’s already been a big year for LG. Rumors and reveals have been swirling around the company and their OLED TVs–which will reported utilize Google TV. I’m blogging live from the LG Press Event at CES. We’re just getting started:

8 a.m.- Music starts, home appliances are flashing on the screen, looking sleek and ready to cook my dinner while connecting me to the Internet.

8:02 a.m.- John Taylor of LG takes the stage to welcome everyone. Taylor says they will unveil their 2012 line of home entertainment, appliances and mobile phones today. Taylor introduces the President and CEO of LG Wayne Park.

8:03 a.m.- Park takes the stage and begins by reflecting on past successes at LG. I honestly don’t care that much, and by the looks of it, no one else in the room does either. Interestingly enough, however, Park says that LG increased sales by 8% last year and achieved sales around $18 billion in the US alone last year, largely due to the sales of their 3D TV. While we’re waiting for Park to move on from LG’s 2011 accomplishments, I should tell you that I am sitting next to someone who works in the mobile department at LG and unfortunately, he would not tell me when they will mass marketing the LG/VMWare smart phones I talked about on my CES Unveiled blog. He did say this year will be all about the connected home for LG.

8:09 a.m.- Dr. Scott Aun (not sure I’m spelling that right) takes the stage.

8:33 a.m.- After my WiFi and MiFi crapped out, I’m back. Here’s a recap of what you missed:

-Aun announced their 55″ LED TVs with full LED and Cinema screen design. He also announced updates to last year’s hit, the LG Magic Remote.

-Aun said that this year, LG will be the first to feature Intel wifi technology in their TVs and will also be introducing Smart Share Plus with network file browsing. I’ll try to get more information about these updates later. Aun is talking really fast.

-According to Aun, LG’s chip set has held them back from innovation, so LG is fixing that and announcing their own chip set–the L9. The L9 will have a multi-core CPU/GPU with immersive Cinema 3D. How are they enhancing 3D? By adding a 3D depth control option and 3D sound zooming. For single user viewing, they have created glasses for TV and laptops viewing.

-Aun announces Smart TV with Google TV. LG is one of the many companies that will be launching TVs with Google TV.

-Aun says that LG has 23% of key smartphone patents worth $7.9 billion dollars. He talks about the LG Optimus HD smart phone, the first attempt from any smartphone company to try a true HD display. LG will be making improvements to their HD display on smartphones this year.

-Finally, Aun talks about their home appliance line. It is full of WiFi-connected refrigerators, washers and dryers–which will probably never be worth the amount of money you will pay for them. However, I was impressed that LG’s smart manager food system sends you recipes based on the food you have in your fridge. That’s very Jetsons era of them. The fridge also has a blast chiller which can cool a beer can in 5 minutes. Neat, but once again, not worth the money.

8:40-Tim O’Brien takes the stage to talk about smartphones. He says LG is ready to innovate. Last year, they introduced the first dual core processor phone and the first 3D display on a smartphone. This year, they will launch the first “superphone” with the LG Spectrum. The Spectrum has a 1.5 GHZ dual-core Qualcomm processor, Android 2.3, 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and records full HD with 1080 pixel display. These phones use the same technology that LG uses on their TVs. Each phone displays 329 pixels per inch, has a 16 x 9 aspect ratio for a true HD widescreen viewing experience. RGB striping and battery efficiency are also assets.

8:45 a.m.- Michael Bayle from ESPN mobile takes the stage to talk about their partnership with LG. Sports fans, you’ll be getting HD mobile video and the ScoreCenter app straight to your LG Spectrum. ESPN’s video content will be viewable on the mobile device in 720p HD quality video. Maybe you can stream that video while sipping a beer straight from your LG Blast Chiller refrigerator.

So when will all of this be available? The only hard and fast date I was given was that the LG Spectrum will be available on the Verizon network on January 19th. Complete with ESPN video streaming. Cold beer not included.

Here’s hoping my WiFi and MiFi issues get straightened out for the next press event. Check back for news from Samsung, Microsoft, Intel and Sony later today.