Nokia VP: Windows Phone Apollo to be Released Mid-2012 */?> Nokia VP: Windows Phone Apollo to be Released Mid-2012

Posted by · October 27, 2011 8:43 pm

According to a report from Ubergizmo today, Windows Phone Apollo will be here earlier in 2012 than initially expected. Citing a comment from Nokia Executive VP Michael Halbherr, the successor to Windows Phone 7.5 (aka “Mango”) is set to be here by the middle of 2012, claiming that Apollo is going to be a “very different game” compared to Mango.

Unfortunately, all that can be done in terms of Apollo’s features is pure speculation. While the report goes on to say that Halberr specifically is “pushing” to integrated NFC [near-field communications] into the new operating system and make the entire Windows Phone platform more Nokia Maps friendly, what lies in store remains uncertain.

What we do know from a Paid Content report—or at least it’s what Nokia is promising the public—is that the phone company’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft is going to prevent Nokia from turning into “just another phone make beholden to an operating system vendor.”

It’s a bit premature at this point to determine whether that promise will hold up. However, it’s clear that Microsoft is going to have to pull out all the stops if it plans to catch up with what has primarily been a battle between iOS and Android up to this point.