POLL: How Do You Rank Google Plus? */?> POLL: How Do You Rank Google Plus?

Posted by · March 13, 2012 11:16 am

Last week, a Bloomberg report noted Google’s plan to pay special attention to growing its social site Google Plus in 2012.

Google Plus“Google Inc. (GOOG) aims to more than double the number of people in its social-networking service this year, which has already reached 100 million active users,” the article announced.

The Web giant’s ambitious goal came about after Google senior VP Vic Gundotra told Bloomberg Television that he was “pretty impressed” with the social site’s growth since its debut last June. “We’re pretty blown away by the adoption of Google Plus,” he said.

Despite the arguably impressive growth, Google’s new social site still has a long way to go before it catches Facebook, with its 845 million-plus members. Further, Google Plus users are still yet to spend a whole lot of time actually using the site, especially when compared to that of Facebook users.

While Gundotra insists that Google Plus is “Google 2.0”, the so-called “next generation of all Google becoming unified because it understands you and your relationships,” user buy-in is yet to validate that claim.

Which brings me to ask our readers the following question: