RIM Announces New BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet…But Does Anyone Care? */?> RIM Announces New BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet…But Does Anyone Care?

Posted by · August 3, 2012 3:51 pm

There’s an old adage that goes something like this: If a tablet is announced to the public, and no one is there to talk about it, did it really happen? Such a saying seems particularly relevant in the time since the atrophying Research In Motion announced Thursday that it would be launching the newest version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in select regions starting next week.

Despite being outfitted to run on the latest 4G LTE networks, equipped with some 32GB of memory, and likely to be sold at ridiculously low prices just to get people to buy it, RIM’s new tablet has been largely ignored by the tech blogosphere. In fact, in what little coverage there has been, most sources are saying, more or less, the same things: It’s here; it’s got 4G LTE capability; we’ll see what happens.

As if to heap insult upon the media’s demure attitude toward the announcement, Wall Street seemed to react rather poorly at the thought of a new BlackBerry PlayBook as well as RIM shares fell 2 percent Thursday afternoon, sinking below the $7 mark, where it has remained since.

Such a reaction contrasts quite somberly with to the hype-riddled environments created by similar announcements from Google’s Android, Apple, or even Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s as if consumers, pundits, and even investors already don’t like what they’re seeing.  Either that, or they simply haven’t noticed, which isn’t really all that preferable.

Meanwhile the Canadian company, whom you can’t help but feel sorry for at this point, is facing enormous pressure to develop more apps for its BlackBerry 10 software as RIM continues in its struggle to attract developers willing to invest in its wavering ecosystem.

In a report from Reuters Thursday, reporter Euan Rocha surmised, “The one-time technology giant’s fate now rests almost completely on the success or failure of its new line of BlackBerry 10 smartphones.”

But if nobody’s even paying attention, even Rocha’s ominous deduction seems overly optimistic.

What are your thoughts on the fate of RIM? Can any device rescue them at this point? Share your point-of-view in the comments below.