8 Technology Resolutions for 2013 */?> 8 Technology Resolutions for 2013

Posted by · December 28, 2012 12:00 pm

Countdown-to-Fabulous-Dazzling-Styles-for-New-Years-EveThe 2013 New Year is upon us. As is the tradition at this time to resolve to better ourselves, why not choose one or two pertaining directly to our technology and work habits? Here are some suggestions to refresh your technology routine.

Stop using the same password for everything.

“Hackers” are getting better at guessing your patterns, and we’re hearing about security breaches all too often. As Lifehacker points out, three things to keep in mind are: avoiding predictable patterns (pets, hobbies, etc), choose longer and more random strings of words (get help from this Xckd word generator), and choose something different for every site.

Find a more efficient solution for that one task.

You know the one I’m talking about. The one that’s eats up your time in your workday (meetings and checking email) or the processing on your computer (iTunes and Acrobat Reader, I’m looking at you).

Check and understand your Facebook Privacy settings.

Even Randi Zuckerberg, up and coming media mogul and the sister of Mark, doesn’t quite know what she is exposing her info to from her account. I know it can get confusing; just last week a coworker and I were literally unable to friend request each other because we each had our accounts locked up so tight. But also keep in mind the best privacy tip of all: if you don’t want people to see it, DON’T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET. At all. Ever. The Internet is forever.

Think before you post.

Social media drama is just pathetic. Don’t be that guy. Don’t use it as a crutch for boredom or social interaction. Even a text message is more personal than a social media post.

Resolve to re-evaluate how much time you spend in front of a screen.

Work computers, TV, smartphones, tablets, all demand our attention from the moment we wake up. There are two benefits from limiting your screen time. First, decrease the strain on your eyes. Eye strain from staring at screens all day can cause headaches and deteriorated vision. Second, save time by not constantly seeking a distraction. Technology should help you, not distract you. Use a browser plugin such as StayFocusd to limit the time you spend on distracting websites. One of our staff members here at EE commented that he and his wife have deleted the Facebook app from their smartphones all together to reclaim precious family time from distraction. And speaking of family time, if you have kids, it’s even more important to make sure they aren’t spending a total of a year in front of screens by the time they are seven years old. Your iPad is not a babysitter.

Learn something new or level up on a skill set.

EE Tutorials and Webinars are an always-expanding resource to our members who are looking to advance their expertise in topics such as Cloud Computing, Excel VBA, MS Access, WordPress, and many more.

Recycle old phones, cords, laptops, batteries etc.

First, check out what can be donated. Schools in your area may be collecting old devices for recycling to raise money. Additionally, the EPA has an excellent site for helping you figure out how to recycle electronic devices and Call2Recycle also offers help finding a place to recycle your batteries.

Stop texting and surfing the internet and using apps while driving.

You know this one. Those heartbreaking PSAs from AT&T pretty much say it all. It really CAN wait. Challenge yourself by asking each time you reach for your phone in the car- Can this wait? But you don’t have to go completely dark from communication. There’s an app for that. DriveSafe.ly will read your text messages and emails to you while you’re driving and provides a customizable auto-reply.

What are your resolutions for 2013? Tech-related or not, tell us in the comments below.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Experts Exchange!