TED Talk: Marco Tempest: A Magical Tale (with Augmented Reality)

Posted by · April 12, 2012 3:18 pm

Marco Tempest, an American magician based in N...With so much attention being directed to Google’s Project Glass initiative (which was also a topic of discussion in the latest episode of the EE Tech News podcast), it only seems appropriate to share a demonstration of what augmented reality technology in action. In a TED Talk given last month, Swiss magician and TED veteran Marco Tempest did just that. With the help of his augmented reality machine, Tempest was able to pull his audience into magical world of storytelling, entertainment and even a greater understanding of our own humanity.

“We willingly enter fictional worlds where we cheer our heroes and cry our friends we never had,” Tempest explains.

At another point, Tempest goes on to incorporate the relevance of social media to the growth of augmented reality technology. “The tools of social networking: These are the digital campfires around which the audience gathers to hear our story.”

Not so sure? Watch the TED Talk for yourself. Then, share your thoughts on the augmented reality craze in the comments below.

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