Verizon Wins, AT&T Loses, Says Latest Consumer Reports */?> Verizon Wins, AT&T Loses, Says Latest Consumer Reports

Posted by · December 6, 2011 12:44 pm

Today, Consumer Reports revealed the results to its Annual Cell Service Provider Survey. Keeping pace with past results, AT&T found itself at the bottom of the cellular food chain again. Such news doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the company’s continued struggle to combat the consumer perception of inferior coverage.

Last year, AT&T faltered in nearly every category of the survey, receiving poor scores in overall value, service, and customer support. However, the wireless company did manage to score high in the texting category.

Meanwhile, Verizon pulled out yet another victory for the 60,000-participant survey. Consumer Reports ranked America’s largest wireless network No. 1, narrowly besting Sprint.

Third place was awarded to T-Mobile, who was noted as “significantly better” than fourth-place AT&T, who recently sought to acquire the Deutsche Telekom-owned company but withdrew its application from the FCC after the proposed merger encountered legal opposition from the Justice Department.

Despite such scrutiny, however, AT&T seems to be holding out hope of salvaging the deal. Last week, it was reported that the wireless network was working with Leap Mobile to offload some of T-Mobile’s assets in order to make the merger more palatable for industry regulators.

If the deal does go through, AT&T hopes to use the added resources to more readily compete with Verizon’s impressive infrastructure.

Nevertheless, currently sitting as the second-largest telecom in the country, AT&T’s woes seem a bit more far-reaching than that which resource acquisition alone can cure. At a certain point, AT&T won’t have any more competitors to buy out, forcing the company to expend more time and money improving what consumers actually care about—service, customer support, and overall value.