VIDEO: HzO Makes It Ok To Drop Your Phone In The Toilet

Posted by · January 11, 2012 2:54 pm

Remember those waterproof Fujitsu tablets I told you about the other day? What I am about to show you blows them out of the water. No pun intended. While a lot of companies are waterproofing their devices from the outside, HzO is working from the inside out.  

HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock technology is a thin film nano-coating that provides a layer of protection around electronic circuity and blocks out moisture without interrupting electronics.  That means you can accidentally drop your phone in the toilet or take it swimming with you on purpose and not only will your phone not be ruined, it will continue to work the same in the water as it did outside of it.  You can even remove the phone’s battery cover and drop it in water with an exposed battery and it will still work fine!

In fact, that’s the first thing HzO’s public relations director Yolanda Taylor told me to ask other companies claiming they have waterproof devices:  “When a company tells you their device is waterproof, you need to immediately ask them to remove the backing and expose the battery.  Most supposedly ‘waterproof’ devices currently being marketed can’t withstand a wet battery.”

Right now, HzO is working with hardware manufacturers to get their protective coating on devices before they even leave the factory.  According to CEO Paul Clayton, who I spoke with this morning, the first HzO protected devices should hit stores no later than this summer.  I predict HzO will be in talks with every mobile hardware manufacturer–if not already on their devices–by the end of this year.

Check out Clayton’s demo of the HzO product below: