VIDEO REVIEW: Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Worth the Money?

Posted by · December 30, 2011 5:00 am

This week, I’ve spent some time checking out the newly released and much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. I not only took a look at some of the Galaxy Nexus’s best features, but I also compared it to the iPhone 4S.

Overall, the Galaxy Nexus, which retails for $299, is an amazing phone for the technically savvy smartphone user.  It’s worth every penny.  However, the Nexus could be overwhelming to use for the novice smartphone user.

In my video review, I take a look at the Galaxy Nexus’s ability to group applications on the fly, scale widgets, take pictures, browse the Internet and stream video.   Watch the review and decide for yourself whether the Galaxy Nexus is worth spending your hard earned cash–or your Christmas money–on.