What Do Your Age, Gender & Nationality Say About Your Texting Habits? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by · July 25, 2012 4:06 pm
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While marginalizing people based on stereotypes is generally counterproductive, it’s always interesting to be able to know how various characteristics correlate with personal habits. In an infographic produced by the folks over at Mashable, find out what how texting trends vary based on gender, age group, and even nationality. While some of their results come as a bit of a surprise, others seem to fall in line with common assumptions.

A few notable statistics:

  • Whereas most teenage boys text 30 times each day, teenage girls text more than triple that amount at 100 times per day. Meanwhile, adults average a meager 10 texts per day.
  • Mobile subscribers in the Philippines receive 15 times the texts each month (195) that their American counterparts receive (13).
  • SMS messaging first started being supported by mobile providers in 1995, at which point the users averaged sending less than half a text message per month. By 2009, users worldwide were sending some 5 trillion messages.

Surprised? Impressed? Outraged? Take a look at theMashable infographic in its entirety then share your own thoughts on their findings.

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