Will Google Surpass MS Office for Business Applications? */?> Will Google Surpass MS Office for Business Applications?

Posted by · December 26, 2012 4:11 pm

Most people get answers from search engines in the USOur benevolent big brother Google continues to pervade numerous aspects of daily life in ever-so-helpful ways. The New York Times reported that now the tech giant is now a viable competitor against Microsoft in the business applications industry. Google Apps for Business has been available for half a dozen years, but for the most part they have been touted as an affordable solution for small businesses and start-ups.

However, 2012 has been a big year. More and more business on-the-go and an increasingly mobile workforce make Google’s cloud applications more attractive. The biggest argument against their cloud-based system was that work would come to a standstill if Internet connections were disrupted. But Microsoft recognized the potential of the cloud and in response to some of Google Apps success, offered their Office 365 product, a cheaper and pared down version of Office. But now, Google has added the offline capability, and new strongholds in the corporate level, including the U.S. Department of the Interior, are establishing Google’s place in the market. Microsoft must be shaking in its boots because they’ve even created anti-Google marketing campaigns, including ads with millions of views on YouTube (ironically, a Google product).

Price and usability are great contributors to Google’s success. While MS Office will cost $400 per machine in 2013, Google Apps continues to cost a mere eighth of that at $50 per person. When people can use the same software at wok that they’ve been using at home, usability dramatically increases. Videoconferencing is easily available through Google+ Hangouts, a mark of the social age’s influence on everyday business.

Microsoft has not had a great year in 2012. With sad Surface sales, Windows 8 tanking, and still only a small share of the mobile phone market, they will have to come up with something to make a comeback in 2013.