Yellow Jacket iPhone Case Quite a Shocker [VIDEO]

Posted by · July 24, 2012 3:25 pm

Image credit: Indiegogo

Aside from being a former military policeman, Seth Froom is a normal guy who lives in Louisiana. However, after falling victim to a robbery at his home last year, his life would be changed forever.

“I thought of things I could have done differently, to prevent myself from becoming a victim,” Froom recalls. “I thought about the firearms I had upstairs, which in the moment did nothing to protect me. I thought of the fake cell phone stun gun I had. This served no purpose as a phone, and I never carried it around.”

It was then that Froom came to his iPhone case, which had been left behind by the robber, who had disappeared with the iPhone as he left that night.

“[T]hat’s when the idea came to me,” Froom said.

Applying the idea of his fake cell phone stun gun to his phoneless iPhone case that remained, Froom’s “Ah ha!” moment came in the form of a new iPhone case that will make your alarm app only the second most alarming feature on your new iPhone.

It’s called the Yellow Jacket. Made to fit the iPhone 4 and 4S models, the Yellow Jacket serves both as a protective case against the occasional bump or spill and as (get this) a 650,000-volt stun gun. The stun gun case, which is made “to be able to take down a fully grown, aggressive, adult” person, can also provide up to 20 extra hours of battery life to your iPhone.

The Yellow Jacket project is currently recruiting funding by way of an Indiegogo campaign. With a week left in their fundraising, Froom and company are about 60 percent of the way to their $100,000 goal.

When it comes to the actual design of the case, it is a bit bulky—more than doubling the iPhone’s thickness. Moreover, with the stun gun portion of the Yellow Jacket resting at the top of the case near the earpiece of the phone, there are also very real concerns of someone accidentally sending 650,000 volts of electricity into his or her ear. However, Froom and Yellow Jacket cofounder Sean Simone insist that the case’s built-in safety cover “should” prevent such accidents from happening.

As the Yellow Jacket remains in its fundraising phase, the new cases are on sale for a $100 donation. The cases come in white, black, and pink (gold still to come). Once the Yellow Jacket officially goes into production—which a recent announcement has confirmed that it will—the stun gun cases will reportedly retail for more than $125.

As an added bonus, Froom and Simone also included a video demonstration of the Yellow Jacket in action.

Discussing the Yellow Jacket in an article for The Guardian (posted on Raw Story), journalist Adam Gabbatt puts it best with the following excerpt:

Video camera. Still camera. Video editor. Handheld games console, music player, satellite navigation device, internet browser, radio, ebook reader. (Also, telephone.) But a 650,000-volt stun gun?

The iPhone is often said to have revolutionized the mobile phone market. Now, it’s about to take on a somewhat more alarming guise.

After watching the promotional video for the Yellow Jacket (see below), the only question I have has to do with the initial scene depicting the night that Froom was robbed. And that question is, if you hear a suspicious scratching noise at the door, and you not only have an iPhone that’s capable of dialing 9-1-1 but also have a cell phone stun gun and multiple firearms upstairs, why on earth would you get right up and open the door without first utilizing a single one of them?

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