Meet our Leadership Team

Experts Exchange is the technology authority’s trusted, on-demand resource. It is a community led by some of the industry’s brightest stars and strongest forces. Cumulatively, the company’s executive leaders span decades of high-level tech industry management and innovation. They’ve overseen numerous multi-million dollar and international projects for influential Fortune 500 companies and they’re the minds behind radical breakthroughs in e-commerce, wireless and mobile technology, IT project management and digital marketing. And together, they’re redefining networking and online technical training for today’s busy tech professionals.

Meet some of the minds behind Experts Exchange:

RandyRedberg_sqRandy Redberg, Owner
Randy Redberg is Experts Exchange’s Owner. He’s a successful entrepreneur who identified the brand’s potential and acquired it in 2001. He revitalized it to be the world’s leading network for technology professionals and maintains a strategic leadership role. He’s an active mentor in the Founders’ Circle for the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship; guest lecturer for venture organizations like the Lamp Post Group; and led the team that coordinated a technology-focused TED Talks event. He’s also a Vanguard University Athletics Hall of Fame baseball inductee, and coaches youth baseball and softball. Randy received his B.S. in Business Administration & Finance at CSU Northridge.

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GeneRichardson_sqGene Richardson, Chief Operations Officer
Gene Richardson is the COO of Experts Exchange, the leading network of technology professionals. An accomplished technology and business visionary, he has 20 years of executive, hands-on experience in large enterprises. Gene was a former Technical Business Development Executive at IBM and Vice President at Charles Schwab. He’s led globally-dispersed teams, strategic planning, cost-effective technology solutions and rigorous security, operational and quality controls for over 300 organizations. He received a bachelor’s in Computer Science and master’s in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He’s very active locally with his church, triathlon competitions and the San Luis Distance Club.

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Interview Requests

For members of the media interested in learning more Experts Exchange’s history as the leading technology question and answer site, it’s evolution as the network for building your tech career and learn new technical skills, or to arrange an interview with a member of the leadership team, please contact:

Leslie Bloom, Corporate & Product Marketing Manager
Tel: (805) 787-0603 ext.122