5 ways to fail at marketing to tech users

5 Ways to Fail at Marketing to Tech Users [e-book] */?> 5 Ways to Fail at Marketing to Tech Users [e-book]

Posted by · April 6, 2017 1:11 pm

Tech users and professionals are well-known for being adverse to traditional marketing campaigns. They block loud ads from view, they gloss over obvious product placement. To reach them, you need to demonstrate value. If you show them what you can offer and why it matters, they’ll be interested in engaging with your brand. But there’s a successful way to market to tech users, as well as a successful way to fail.

You may normally ask yourself, “How should I write to this audience?” or “What are the best ways to capture their attention?” While valid and good questions to explore, you need to also consider the flip side, “How should I not write to this audience?” and “What are the worst ways to capture their attention?” Because when it comes to marketing to tech users, it’s just as important to know what not to do as you plan your upcoming campaign.

Check out this 5-step guide to effectively market your brand and products to tech users.


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