How to Increase your Followers */?> How to Increase your Followers

Posted by · January 17, 2017 12:51 pm

On Experts Exchange you can now view and directly communicate with your company’s topic page followers. To bolster your number of followers, here’s how to get started.

Did Someone Say Giveaway?

Everyone loves to win a prize, especially from a vendor they are interested in. By asking the community to follow you in return for a chance to win, you’ll gain direct access to them for communication, engagement, and education.

Our users have told us they love freebies, and past campaigns have seen success with items like gift cards or dronessomething not already offered to the general public, like a 30 day subscription.

It’s as easy as one, two, giveaway! Invest in native advertising campaign sweepstakes to provide an incentive for members to follow you.

Discover Your Brand’s Biggest Fans

Curious if there are members of the Experts Exchange community discussing your product or service? By checking out the Top Expert Section on your vendor topic page you can identify individuals engaging with your brand. This helps you highlight and interact with brand ambassadors, one of the most important parts of brand success in today’s marketing world.

To find your ambassadors and grow your followers, download this best-practice guide on how to get started.

Join the Community, Gain a Following

As a Vendor Expert, you want to take advantage of the opportunities available. Along with leveraging your topic page, you can become an interactive part of the community. Get to know your audience, provide answers to questions, engage with site users, and watch your followers rise in number.

Don’t believe us? It’s true. 72% of our members asked for direct access to companies and brands. And we have the data to prove engagement is key.

Take advantage of the new Experts Exchange dashboard follower data and start personally engaging with more of your brand’s biggest fans!

To learn more about our community marketing guidelines and best practices for winning over your new community with ease, download our guide.