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Generate Solid Tech Leads with a Multi-touch Advertising Strategy */?> Generate Solid Tech Leads with a Multi-touch Advertising Strategy

Posted by · May 24, 2017 8:12 am

Did you know that winning a great game of baseball and launching a solid advertising strategy have a lot in common? 

Spring training has led to this point: the first game of the season. You’ve perfected your pitch, practiced your swing, and conditioned your body to sprint between bases. As you swing your bat to warm up for the game, you look around at the gathering crowd. You hope you can deliver a solid performance to please the fans and help win the game.

A great game of baseball, full of moments of skill and power, much like a successful advertising strategy, takes hard work and dedication. You have to research your opponent and study your audience; practice your skills and test the effectiveness of your campaigns.

When it comes down to it, the ability to deliver a truly great game — and an effective advertising campaign — is about more than being really good at one thing. A baseball victory is found in successful catches, smart pitching, strategic base stealing, hard hits, and runs. Gaining solid tech-user leads requires various communication touch points and utilizing different channels and approaches in order to create lasting brand awareness.

Baseball is also a game of maximizing opportunities. If you have a pitcher who’s unsuccessfully tossing the ball across the plate, you substitute your pinch hitter to clean up the inning. When errors occur, you steal bases. Lead generation for tech companies works in the same way. If a message isn’t working, you replace it with something different. If you have a campaign that’s making waves, you run with it.

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