RSA 2017: What’s New in Data Security

Posted by · February 24, 2017 11:19 am

At RSA — one of the leading data security conferences in the world, “where the world talks security” — you gain access to an entire community of experts and professionals concerned with warding off cyber threats. With risks and threats on the rise, especially as companies move toward digital and cloud platforms, there was a lot to discuss. There was also a lot to be uncovered. Leading companies in the industry filled the expo halls, releasing and showcasing their latest inventions slated to help us stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Here’s what we found:


Who: Landrian Networks
What: Landrian Virtual Responder — a cloud-based SaaS platform that humanizes and virtualizes security gaps for futuristic understanding

Landrian Networks founder Jason Landers kept hearing that there was a need for greater visibility into company and IT problems. As he looked into these consumer concerns, he felt the solution needed to have a human and a user-centric solution.

“Visibility is not a feature it is a feeling,” Landers says. “At Landrian our mission is to improve SOC analyst effectiveness, lower the operational costs of running a SOC, and put into place a foundation upon which even greater levels of automation can be built.”

Landers’ team approached the design with user experience in mind and captured technology used in video games. With those enhancements, the Virtual Responder is able to provide real-time visualization of actual security events. Combining 3D and VR capabilities, the tool turns a network or security operations center into a showroom to illuminate non-technical stakeholders on the problems or solutions discovered within company systems.


Who: Skyport Systems
What: Active Directory Security Assessment — a free way to uncover and repair Active Directory gaps

Do you use Active Directory (AD)? Have you ever performed an assessment that produced hundreds of pages of security recommendations that proceeded to sit on the shelf because you either didn’t have the manpower to install the changes or the time? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to Nick Giampa, digital marketing manager of Skyport Systems, this is a constant complaint and worry voiced about AD security effectiveness.

In response, Skyport created an AD Security Assessment that reviews credential security within the platform. It allows companies to benchmark themselves against the most important best practices with clear guidance on how to improve and how to proceed.

“For a limited time, this easy-to-engage system is free and requires minimal investment in time (on the customer’s side) to participate,” says Giampa.


Who: Untangle
What: Untangle Command Center — small IT teams rejoice in a tool that provides total control across NG Firewall deployments

Data security, while a concern for companies of all size, is even more of a worry for smaller companies and nonprofit enterprises with limited IT resources. For those with a small team of tech professionals focused on security or those who may only have a part-time IT employee, products like Untangle’s Command Center are blessings in disguise.

Created for home offices, nonprofits, schools, and the like, Command Center provides a central, cloud-based management system for IT admins. From this single system they can oversee their remote NG Firewalls, no matter what browser they’re using. This tool lowers overhead costs for on-site systems, reduces time spent managing threats, and can be easily managed by an IT team of one.