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Why Content Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Strategy for 2017

Posted by · January 24, 2017 10:00 am

If you work in marketing, “content” is the word that’s been hovering in and out of offices for the last several years, and for good reason. With the advancement of technology and marketing techniques, content has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.

Due to these changes, the word “content” doesn’t mean what it used to. When people mentioned it in the past, they were referring to articles, magazines, maybe a brochure or two. Over the years, the word has grown to encompass everything from social media and blog posts to sales presentations and white papers.

Now, marketing teams not only focus on creating content, but establishing a cohesive, streamlined voice across all mediums. Sounding the same is important for holistic marketing campaigns, effective branding, and strategy. Shying away from implementing content marketing into your strategy may leave your company exposed; without direction or a voice and without a way to reach your target tech audience.

Here are the top five reasons content marketing needs to be part of your strategy in 2017:

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Yes, we realize that’s peer pressure and we’re always taught not to do something because everyone else is. But in this instance, if you don’t join the droves of competitors offering thought-leadership content, how-to articles, and white papers, you’ll be left behind in the dust. Tech users and professionals want access to helpful information delivered straight from your company. Content provides increased opportunities to reach them.

Consumers Want to Know You

Consumers want–and expect–more from companies these days. They no longer visit your site and assume from the pretty pictures and ‘About Us’ page that you’re qualified and the company to choose for a product or service. They want to know more about your brand, your product or service, and what makes you different that your competitors–more than a simple statement or tagline.

When marketing to a tech savvy audience, the bar is set even higher. Half of your target audience may already be well-versed in the subject matter you’re sharing, or frequent users of your product or service. To drive engagement, provide access to content that showcases your expertise in a new and unique way, offering more substance and quality than the average company.

Access Bountiful Data

With today’s technology, you can glean a significant amount of consumer insight and business intelligence from content. Click through rates, downloads, open rates, time spent on site, and more are available in most reporting systems. With this data in hand, you’re able to gauge what topics and what services your target consumer is most interested in and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Trying to launch a new product or service while targeting a specific tech audience, for example, is easier when creating content and receiving the data that comes along with it. You can determine if your messaging is making an impression one way or another and iterate delivery along the way. The flexibility in testing and revising content lowers the likelihood of losing your target audience due to poor or underdeveloped copy.

Thought Leadership Connections

Not only does content help you reach consumers, but potential partners. Getting your research and points of view in front of other influential businesses can help you make important connections poised to propel your brand to success.

Partnerships open the door to the possibility of co-branded content, such as white papers or webinars. This content can be deeper and more researched than what each company alone can create. With great ideas and expertise, matched with combined partner resources, your bandwidth for thought-provoking, leading content expands, making your brand, product, or service more of interest to the average tech user.

Strategy Makes a Difference

Adding content to your marketing strategy means you’ll need a separate strategy surrounding messaging and its promotion. Frequency, placement, and times of sharing all play a part in how your content is received. If you spend time creating a fantastically researched piece and draft no social media or landing page content to drive traffic and engagement, chances are your article will get lost in the shuffle.

It’s also important to have a specific reason and call to action behind content development. Are you hoping to engage tech users? Do you want to increase traffic and gated content downloads? Do you want to reach technology influencers? Are you promoting a new product or service? Spend time with your team discussing the endgame and developing ways to make the most of the content you create. Make your strategy consistent and engagement will follow.