Experts Exchange Improves Technology Knowledge Sharing with New Groups Feature */?> Experts Exchange Improves Technology Knowledge Sharing with New Groups Feature

Posted by · December 1, 2014 11:30 am

Online Community Helps Technology Professionals Share Best Practices and Other Experiences with Topic Based Discussion Groups

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., December 1, 2014 – Experts Exchange, the leading network for technology professionals, announced the launch of its newest networking feature today, discussion groups. The topic-specific groups help technology professionals quickly connect with their peers to share experiences and perspectives on technical topics.

“For an IT manager upgrading to a new software version, or a software programmer developing new features, collaborating with peers can be key to achieving optimal results,” says Experts Exchange CEO Brian Clausen. “Today’s businesses demand that tech professionals make decisions faster and with a smaller staff, with no time for training. Our discussion groups enable technology professionals to connect with Experts around the world to share experiences, validate technology strategies, and make better decisions.”

With the introduction of groups, Experts Exchange members can conveniently create and join discussions focused on specific technology areas such as cloud computing, mobile applications, or server migrations. And once in a group, members communicate directly with potential mentors, peers, and top technical experts about topics that interest them.

“It has always been a goal of Experts Exchange to provide opportunities for professional collaboration. Through collaboration, members can implement better solutions, learn new skills, and advance their careers,” Clausen continues. “Groups provide an advanced level of collaboration that technology professionals cannot find anywhere else.”

Groups follows the release of several other networking and collaboration features for the Experts Exchange community in 2014. Among these enhancements are the ability to follow members to populate a customized news feed with content produced by those members, and upgraded member profiles complete with a Hire Me feature, enabling members to solicit or accept work offers.

“In 1996, Experts Exchange’s patented question-and-answer system transformed the online world for tech professionals by empowering its members to find better IT solutions,” Clausen notes. “Today, the network continues to revolutionize online life for technology professionals by providing more than 3 million members with innovative networking tools, hands-on learning resources, and over 4 million asker-approved tech solutions.”

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