Experts Exchange Launches VMware Community

Posted by · July 16, 2015 2:00 pm

Leading tech network creates one-stop shop for everything VMware

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., July 15, 2015 – Experts Exchange, the leading online network for technology professionals, has officially launched its VMware Community. The new site, the first of many technology-specific communities planned by the company, brings high-quality articles, videos, news, software updates, and other virtualization knowledge into one centralized site.

Experts Exchange is already home to over 29,000 VMware solutions, articles, and videos, designed to improve a user’s mastery of virtualization. The new Experts Exchange VMware Community, however, will feature all of this content, plus aggregated news and information from across the web, carefully curated to match Expert Exchange quality standards.

VMware01“There are a good number of online virtualization forums, but Experts Exchange has always hosted one of the strongest and most active VMware user groups,” said Brad Rubin, VP of Product and Community at Experts Exchange. “In our new VMware Community, professionals can find valuable content about virtualization and related technologies, in one place, from Experts Exchange and other reputable sources.”

The Experts Exchange VMware Community also gives users direct access to some of the world’s most respected VMware experts (vExperts), allowing them to ask questions, message experts, or follow their content feeds.

“Many tech professionals come to Experts Exchange to interact with and read content from some of the top 50 vExperts,” Rubin continues. “In fact, our leading VMware contributor, Andy Hancock from Cyrus Consultants, is one of the top vExperts in the world. When members work with experts like Andy, they are getting advice backed by years of experience and accreditation.”

The Experts Exchange VMware Community is now available to global virtualization professionals. Visit the new site today at


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