Experts Exchange, Leading Technology Community, Releases New Product Suite */?> Experts Exchange, Leading Technology Community, Releases New Product Suite

Posted by · March 2, 2016 6:00 am

Company Introduces Features For Real-time Support, Freelancing for 20th Year of Its Online Technology Platform

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – MARCH 3, 2016 – Experts Exchange, a leading network for over half a million technology professionals, today announces the official launch of its new product suite that adds real-time support and a project marketplace to its platform. Experts Exchange is the only community to offer these features, providing a comprehensive resource for educational content, instant support, real-world technology advice and professional growth. The company currently offers more than four million solutions in its community on topics such as operating systems, data networks and programming, with one new question posted approximately every six minutes.

Each of Experts Exchange’s new product suite features provides advanced support for technology professionals:

  • Live: For urgent or complex requests, connect one-on-one with verified topic experts and receive quick, reliable support in real-time. New users can troubleshoot with vetted specialists, while a new interactive whiteboard lets developers share and collaborate on code instantly.
  • Gigs: For jobs that require a dedicated expert, this online marketplace provides a platform for hiring freelancers or finding freelance projects. Organized by project, members can browse available opportunities and connect directly, without paying for additional features. 

Join Experts Exchange and gain access to these new products today.

“In the past twenty years, we’ve grown Experts Exchange from a tool for solving IT problems into a massive community, used by everyone from the tech novice to some of the top developers and programmers in the world,” said Gene Richardson, COO of Experts Exchange. “While Experts Exchange has remained the go-to site for solving tech problems, our expansion reflects the need for a trusted, online, all-in-one resource for anyone working in or with the technology field.”

“Experts Exchange is a significant part of my professional life. As much as I might know about a couple of topics, there’s always more to learn,” added member Scott Helmers. “What amazes me about the Experts Exchange community is how much so many experts know about so many topics — it’s mind boggling, really, when you look at the range and depth of the assistance that’s available. It’s a community that helps newcomers grow while also furthering the established careers of professionals like myself.”

With the mission to strengthen the level of support and expertise available to anyone who uses technology systems — from the seasoned professional to the novice — Experts Exchange designed these new features after community demand for an all-in-one companion resource. These new products complement the company’s existing platform, which offers Q&A-style verified solutions with articles, videos and website testing. As one of the original online tech communities, Experts Exchange’s members’ vast knowledge base maintains the company’s status as a trusted provider of technology solutions.

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About Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange is a comprehensive network for technology professionals. The company connects experts with technology users at all levels to offer advice tailored to each customer. Focusing on maintaining a supportive online community, Experts Exchanges ensures a high-quality, reliable experience by vetting performance and rewarding positive feedback. Experts Exchange prides itself on over twenty years in the field, a testament to its credibility and its reliable user base.