Tech Knowledge and Job Opportunity Mapped by State [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Experts Exchange Identifies Where to go in the U.S. if You Speak Code

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., January 5, 2014 – Experts Exchange, the leading global network for technology professionals, has released findings from its state-by-state analysis of the country’s technological savvy. The study, illustrated in an infographic published in early December, highlights the U.S. states with the greatest evidence of computer programming fluency (New York and, surprisingly, Alabama) and the states with the most programming employment opportunities (Virginia and Maryland).

The Experts Exchange team determined these tech savvy states by measuring the per capita,per state Twitter use of programming specific terms such as “clojure,” “cobol” and “haskell.” Opportunity was measured by comparing job postings with programming language requirements to the number of qualified resumes.

The infographic illustrates which states dominate tech talk online and which states have a higher demand for programming experts in languages such as C++, JavaScript or Python.

“This infographic offers yet another tool to help our members, as well as tech professionals everywhere, locate employment opportunities and determine the computer language skills they need to land a job in a growing programming industry,” says Experts Exchange Community Manager Melanie Spatola.

Spatola explains that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 22 percent growth in software development jobs by 2022, double the projected growth for any other occupation.

“Some of that growth will be seen in states like California and New York, which already show a high concentration of fluent programmers and thus higher levels of competition; those states landed fifth and eighth on our state-by-state list of programming jobs. On the other hand, states like Maryland have a relatively low number of qualified applicants for a growing number of jobs, making it the second most opportunity-rich state for programmers,” says Spatola.

The data also demonstrates that while Java is the most-tweeted and the most sought after language by employers, it remains the least-known by candidates in states like Washington, Mississippi and Nebraska.

“This information gives Java experts a great idea of where they might relocate to improve their job prospects, while inspiring programmers to learn more about Java through the vast educational resources on our site.”

For job-seeking professionals who need to brush up on or learn programming languages, Experts Exchange offers an expansive library of articles, videos and verified solutions on numerous programming topics. New, robust networking tools and on-demand resources are designed to help professionals learn, solve, find job opportunities and advance their careers.

“Whether you are new to the rapidly expanding software development job market or a seasoned pro, bridging the skills gap is an ongoing challenge,” says Spatola. “One thing is clear from this data set: no matter where you live, tech talk is growing and fluency in the tech world is proving to be a highly valuable skill set across state lines. Experts Exchange’s programming resources will be crucial to acquiring the fluency and personal skills growth to remain competitive in a fierce job market.”

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