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Predictions by the Industry Leaders of Experts Exchange

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., February 18, 2015 – A new study from Experts Exchange provides a glimpse into technology industry trends for 2015. As the leading online network for technology professionals since its inception in 1996, Experts Exchange’s global community are well-positioned to predict trends for the coming year.

“Based on a member survey, Experts Exchange identified the top 15 technology trends for 2015 and beyond,” explains Experts Exchange Community Manager, Melanie Spatola. “Many of the answers match commonly-seen predictions of technology, but some, such as the demand for data scientists, might seem surprising.”

The following were the top 5 predictions from the study:

  • Data scientists are in high demand for all industries
  • Increased mobile usage means a need for more localized apps
  • Wearable technology will continue to soar in popularity
  • Security is a huge concern as more appliances become WiFi enabled
  • Cloud computing will dominate as we move away from localized storage

To conduct the study, Experts Exchange surveyed over 100,000 community members, receiving responses from over 2,000. The respondents answered questions based on their varied work experiences across many industries and technology disciplines. On average, the respondents had over 13 years of experience, and hold professional certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, VMWare, and more.

“As part of their daily work life, our members are often the first to test and adopt new technologies,” continued Spatola. “Because of this, their knowledge of what’s current in technology far eclipses that of the general public, which makes them an insightful source of information on trends.”

From drones in our airspace to voice-activated gadgets, the study made it clear that the once-imagined wireless, automated future is already upon us. You can download the complete set of technology trends, at


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